Meet Our Talented Team:
JiJi Believers

People. Problem Solving. Learning. These are the Core Values that drive our Talent Recruitment and our colleagues.

Find out more about the diverse teams that work together to lead the learning revolution.

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What We’re About

'I'm thankful to be a part of a team where each team member operates at 99 miles per hour and that commitment directly benefits children.'
'We have the most talented (and humorous) people on the planet!'
'I do just absolutely adore my job. And a big part of that is because of our team. I'm one proud JiJi peep.'
'So glad to be part of the amazing JiJi family!'
'Creativity, Trust, Inquiry - presents that give all year long'
  • 1,038,421 students
  • 44,342 teachers
  • 3,281 schools
  • 45 states

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